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June 2014

Jo Daviess County Country Fair Charities Awards Grants

Thirty-two Jo Daviess County not-for-profit organizations received a total of $50,028.09 in
grants at the eleventh annual JDCCFC, Inc., grant presentation held at Elks Club in Galena, Illinois.

Jo Daviess County Country Fair Charities, Inc. (JDCCFC) is a not-for-profit organization whose
main goal is to provide financial assistance to those in need in Jo Daviess County. The completely volunteer organization serves as a fundraising body to facilitate and assist charitable causes throughout Jo Daviess County.

The money used to fund this year’s grants was made available from the proceeds of the 2013
Galena Country Fair.  In addition to the grant monies distributed, donations in the amount of $13,950.00 were also given to parishes and organizations who supplied workers for the 2013 fair.
The organization also donated $500.00 to the Galena Police Department, and $500.00 to the Galena Area EMS for their assistance at the fair. The City of Galena received $10,000.00, which was a portion of the gate receipts from the fair.

This results in a grand total of $74,978.00 in donations and grants returned to the citizens of
Jo Daviess County this year.

In the eleven years since the organization was created, JDCCFC has awarded a total $734,978.00.

This year’s fair will be held on Saturday and Sunday, October 11 and 12, in Galena’s Grant Park.  The fair features more than 150 artists and artisans offering original and handcrafted work. In addition, the fair includes a Farmer’s Market, a Children’s Corner featuring games and prizes, numerous raffle prizes, a wide variety of food and beverages, and live musical entertainment both days.

2014 Jo Daviess County Country Fair Charities Grant Recipients

Galena Elks Club, Galena
$3,000.00 - Christmas Food Basket Program

Jo Daviess County Sheriff's Office
$2,334.00 - portable radio replacement

Stockton Library, Stockton
$1,500.00 - Children's Programming/Audio Books

Apple River Fire Dept., Apple River
$1,260.00 - Firefighter glove replacement

Caring Neighbors Outreach Food Pantry
$ 2,000.00 for milk and food for families

East Dubuque Fire Dept., East Dubuque
$2,203.60 for CPR dummies for each age group training

Galena Community Garden, Galena
$300 for seeds, plants & plant food

FHN Family Counseling, Freeport
$1,250.00 for Big Brothers/Big Sisters activities for Jo Daviess County

Stockton Ambulance Service, Stockton
$2,825.25 for EZ-IO power drivers

Church of St. Mary, Elizabeth
$2,000.00 for Emergency Assistance Program

Hanover Ambulance Inc., Hanover
$820.26 for Airway Management & Treatment Improvement Program

Family Ties, East Dubuque
$1,000.00 for car seats & Spanish bilingual books

Galena Fire Department, Galena
$1,000.00 for Safety Equipment

Kreider Services, Jo Daviess County
$2,716.00 for Apple Ipad Airs for education and communication program

Tyler's Justice Center for Children, Stockton
$2,500.00 for Forensic Equipment

United Churches of Galena Food Pantry, Galena
$3,500.00 for Children's Backpack Project

East Dubuque Police Dept., East Dubuque
$1,000.00 for Computer Replacements

Galena Area EMS District, Galena
$2,100.00 for hand held radio expansion projects

Midwest Health & Fitness, Galena
$300.00 for Kids on the Move Youth summer camp

Warren Police Dept., Warren
$1,170.00 for Operation Social Media

St. Michael’s Church, Galena
$1,000.00 for Community Outreach for Needy Individuals

Mutual Aid Box Alarm System, East Dubuque
$750.00 for Calibration test-fit test machine

Stockton Fie Dept., Stockton
$1,275.00 for Roadside Safety Equipment

The Workshop, Galena
$300.00 for Wii games for physical experience & intellectual stimulation

United Way of Northwest IL., Freeport
$500.00 for Kits for Children in Jo Daviess County

Warren Area Ambulance Service, Warren
$1,170.00 for pager purchasing & replacement

St. Mary Church, Galena
$1,000.00 for Community Outreach Program for Needy Individuals

Village of Stockton, Stockton
$1,000.00 for Stockton Police Youth Club Program

Riverview Center, Galena
$2,000.00 for Violence Prevention Education Program & $1,000.00 for Domestic Violence 24-Hour Emergency Services & Support

Warren Fire Dept., Warren
$1,445.00 for nozzle & lights upgrade for old fire vehicles

Jo Daviess County Juvenile Justice Council, Galena
$2,000.00 for the "Save a Life Tour"

Senior Resource Center, Galena
$2,000.00 for direct assistance in Senior citizens

2014 Grant Award Total: $50,028.09

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